BIP-25: Beanstalk Farms Q4 2022 Budget

Proposed: September 28, 2022

Status: Passed

Link: Snapshot


Beanstalk Farms



Quorum is a majority of the Stalk supply voting For, or about 28,923,598 Stalk voting For based on the time of proposal.


Beanstalk Farms designed the Q4 2022 budget to enable core contributors to work towards the following goals:

Post-Unpause Q3 Output

Beanstalk was Unpaused on August 6, 2022 and the Q3 2022 budget of 500,000 Beans was minted on August 17, 2022 to fund protocol development.

239,148 Beans have either been spent or allocated in Q3, leaving 260,852 Beans in the Beanstalk Farms Multisig (BFM) at the end of Q3.

The output of Beanstalk Farms since the Unpause includes (but is not limited to):

Current Organization

Hired via BFCP-A: Beanstalk Farms Committee Members

Name Snapshot End of Term Department
austin BFCP-A-1 March 2023 Operations
mod323 BFCP-A-2 March 2023 Marketing
Silo Chad BFCP-A-3 March 2023 Engineering
sweetredbeans BFCP-A-4 March 2023 Design

Hired by the Beanstalk Farms Committee via BFBP-A

Name Snapshot Department
Cool Bean BFBP-A-1 Engineering
Cujo BFBP-A-5 Engineering
TBIQ BFBP-A-6 Engineering
funderberker BFBP-A-7 Engineering
Bean-Sama BFBP-A-8 Engineering
Brean BFBP-A-9 Engineering
ALECKS BFBP-A-10 Engineering
CanadianBennett BFBP-A-2 Operations
ereal BFBP-A-3 Operations
aloceros BFBP-A-4 Operations

Development Grants

Name Scope of Work
Malteasy Pod Market V2
m00n Function Approvals + Permits
ZrowGz Function Approvals + Permits

Summary of Contributor Expenditures

The table below excludes development grants as grants are one time payments upon successful completion of the scope of work.

Department Monthly Payroll % of Payroll
Engineering 118,000 61.5%
Operations 31,500 16.4%
Design 22,500 11.7%
Marketing 20,000 10.4%
Total 192,000 100.0%

Anticipated Q4 Output

The following is a non-exhaustive list of expected output for Q4. Not all of the following may end up being implemented, but is currently expected to be. As always, Beanstalk Farms continues to optimize in real time for the long term success of Beanstalk.


We propose a total of 1,000,000 Beans are minted to fund Beanstalk Farms through the end of Q4 2022. 260,852 Beans remain unspent and unallocated by Beanstalk Farms in Q3 as of September 22, 2022. These Beans will be rolled over into Q4, resulting in a total budget allocation of 1,260,852 Beans.

190,094 USDC also remain in custody of the BFM.

Beanstalk Farms is spending about 220,000 Beans per month, inclusive of expenses paid with USDC and assuming payroll, marketing, and technology expenses remain constant. This is expected to slightly increase as the Beanstalk Farms Committee hires a handful more contributors, particularly in engineering.

The philosophy behind budget BIPs has been to overestimate the number of Beans needed to fund protocol development for the quarter. It is better to have budget Beans that can be rolled over into the following quarter’s budget than to not have enough Beans to fund important initiatives and pay potential high value contributors interested in working on Beanstalk.

Beanstalk Farms monthly operations reports:


The funds for Beanstalk Farms will continue to be custodied by the BFM wallet with keys held by various community members and Publius. We propose the following signers for the BFM.

BFM Signers

The following serve as backup signers for the BFM, in no particular order:

Snapshot Processes

Beanstalk Farms will continue to utilize the processes for Beanstalk Farms Committee Proposals (BFCP) and Beanstalk Farms Budget Proposals (BFBP), per BFP-81. More information on the BFCP and BFBP process can be found here and here.


Initial Allocations

Each new Beanstalk Farms contributor must have a new individual Snapshot proposal, either via BFCP-A or BFBP-A, utilizing the above processes. Current contributors will only require a Snapshot proposal if their pay has changed or their role has significantly changed since Q3.

A budget of 30,000 Beans per month will be allocated to the community grant program to reward creators of new Beanstalk-related content that focuses on Beanstalk and its role in the broader DeFi ecosystem. More information here.

Incentive Alignment

In order to best align the incentives of contributors to Beanstalk with its long term success, Beanstalk Farms will continue using the Deposit compensation structure as described in the Incentive Alignment section of BIP-22.

The BFM will execute a plant() transaction once before each pay period.

Competitive Pay

Beanstalk Farms recognizes that its ability to pay contributors competitive wages is essential to Beanstalk’s long-term success. This budget proposal ensures that it can meet or exceed market rates.


Immediately upon commitment.